[cv] afri schoedon, m.sc

    i'm a software engineer from berlin; interested in decentralized systems,
    privacy, anonymity, disrupting technology, and libre software. i'm convinced
    technological progress should benefit everyone and not only the privileged.

    as a child, i always wanted to go to space. things i want to learn more
    about: secure scuttlebut, mimblewimble, urbit, and gossip protocols.

    when i don't work with computers, i research nature, physics, and enjoy
    discussing politics. i'm into low-key sci-fi and fantasy. i believe the
    first season of the expanse is exemplary for that. dune saga is also decent.

    i have two kids that sometimes travel with me to blockchain conferences.
    they love this space and are curious about all the people trying out some
    basic german and building paper planes for them.

    my strength is honesty, openness, and integrity. i'm very straight forward
    pointing out flaws or addressing issues. unfortunately, that often leads to
    controversy. so, in a way, this is also my weakness.

    my favorite animal picture is these goats randomly checking out an u.p.s.
    truck in rural north dakota. look how happy they are.

    with my canadian friends, we once ideated a new testnet for ethereum and
    publicly launched it live on stage of görlicon-0. and did the same for
    ethereum classic with random entropy from the audience live at etc-summit.

    my favorite programming language is crystal. i hope it does not die. i wrote
    a pure crystal implementation of secp256k1 to learn and prove fred that i'm
    really a developer. after working three years for a company that exclusively
    writes rust, it's really refreshing to have something as productive as ruby
    and fast as c.

    as a professional, my skills center around software project management,
    release management, repository organization, issue triage, priorization,
    roadmapping, technical documentation, user support, and developer relations.

    sometimes, i write blog posts. the most clicked one is probably the ethereum
    full node explainer; that one earned me a top-7 badge on dev-to. people
    still link it for users that cannot believe you can fully restore an
    ethereum archive node offline from a full node, thus why it's called full

    i'm a member of ccc, eff, fiff, fsfe, gi. i used to be moderator of
    r/ethereum and pro-tempore at stack exchange where i'm still top-5 user with
    an estimate of 1.9 million people reached. hive-one maps me to the top-50
    twitter profiles in ethereum.

    i don't like bullet-point cvs. i'm currently looking for a new job. i'm not
    on linkedin or facebook. so you could send me an email instead: job@q9f.cc

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